Hawks Waiver

I, the Parent/Guardian of the registrant, agree that the registrant and I recognize that we will abide by the rules of the Michigan Hawks Soccer Club, The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and its affiliated organizations and sponsors. I understand and appreciate that participation or observation of the sport of soccer constitutes a risk to my child of serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death. Therefore, I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept, and assume this risk and release the Michigan Hawks Soccer Club, its affiliates, their employees, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, event organizers, officials, and Board of Directors from any liability.


I understand that photographic, video, audio, and/or other electronic images or likenesses of my child (“Images”) may be taken by MHSC, its employees or authorized agents. I give my consent for these Images to be taken, produced, and used by MHSC for publicity and training purposes including, but not limited to, radio, video or television broadcasts; written communications, such as brochures, newsletters, magazines, and other publications; electronic publications on Web sites; and marketing materials, such as advertisements and other publications as MHSC deems necessary from time-to-time. I give my consent, without requiring MHSC to pay a fee or to obtain any further consent or authorization for MHSC to edit, use, and reuse said Images worldwide and reproduce the Images and make derivative works there from.

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